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When you switch to SpectraSoft Medical Scheduling, you gain features found in no other system. You also lock in best practices at your front desk that are unique to healthcare. Most important — you can devote more energy on patient care and worry less about technology. Find the patient scheduling option right for you


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Web-Based Appointment Scheduling Software –
One sure bet in the changing world of health care

SpectraSoft Web-based scheduling helps your busy front desk schedule patients faster…reduce appointment no-shows…increase copay collections…and deliver the information you need to manage your practice with certainty.

Healthcare scheduling software lets you book recurring appointments with multiple providers in just one command, even in a busy schedule when the same time of day isn’t always available…see your patient’s schedule in a column on the grid alongside the schedules of the treating clinicians…define complex protocols involving multiple procedures, visits and staff — then schedule it all with one click…and track insurance authorizations not just by visit, but by hours, days or billings.