Phone Reminders

Call all your scheduled patients
each day — and never lift a finger!

Spectrasoft’s phone reminder system scans your schedule each day, then calls your upcoming patients with a pre-recorded greeting that merges the day, date and time of the appointment.

Increase profits, slash down time

Studies show a consistent phone reminder campaign can eliminate three-fourths of the no-shows that cut into your revenue. Your SpectraSoft scheduling system can automate this process for you.

Reach every scheduled patient

Automated calls reach many patients your staff would miss. Calls can be made in the evening when more people are home. Busy or unanswered phones are retried until messages are delivered.

Free your staff for important items

If a staff member makes your reminder calls, you know that it’s expensive, ineffective and not always reliable. On hectic days many calls aren’t made. With automated calling, you have none of those worries.