Text Reminders

Eliminate costly no-shows with
automated text reminders

The text reminder system scans the schedule each day for patients who have requested text reminders, and then sends them automatically. You never have to lift a finger!

Easy to set up

A simple set-up screen lets you define the format of your messages. Then the system scans the schedule and automatically generates the text message with the patient’s name, appointment time and date.

Alerts practitioners too

The system can also notify practitioners when a patient arrives or has canceled an appointment. The texts go out automatically as patients are marked arrived or canceled.

Send manual alerts easily

One click opens a text window that lets you send a message to anyone you choose — notify a practitioner of a special delivery or update a patient with important news.

Customize your messages for maximum impact

You can also include more information in your message, such as your cancellation policy, specific instructions based on the appointment type, reminder to bring insurance information and more. This reduces wait times and enhances patient satisfaction.