Free Medical Scheduling Resources

  • Webinar: Adapting Your Front Desk

    Adapting Your Front Desk to the Changes in Healthcare Healthcare reform has led to major changes for your clinical team…but how has your front desk adjusted? Join us for a demonstration of best practices your front desk can use to support your hospital or practice in a fast-changing environment.  Reduce no-shows caused by the growing […]

  • Webinar: Cash-Based Practice 101

    WEBINAR RECORDING… Cash-Based Practice 101: How You Can Make the Move Find out how you can overcome the ongoing decline of 3rd-party reimbursements — and enjoy the freedom of a cash-based practice: 

  • Jefferson Center for Mental Health

    Scheduling autism treatment is highly complex — with complex recurring visits involving multiple therapists…exhaustive documentation requirements and a client base that requires a great deal of flexibility. “We were struggling,” says the founder of the agency. “We had paper flow charts taped all over the wall trying to match staff with students. It was a […]

  • 5 Simple Steps to More Referrals

    Webinar Recording: Boost patient traffic with social media The Internet has completely changed how people research information online. Patients are more tech-savvy and are able to look up medical conditions, treatment options and healthcare providers for themselves or loved ones. In order to be competitive and keep in front of this growing population of tech-savvy […]

  • 8 Steps to Reduce No-Shows

    One of the biggest drains on your clinic or outpatient department is the problem of cancellations and no-shows. Fortunately, this is a problem with many potential solutions. This FREE white paper details a practice-wide approach that can both cut your no-show rate and increase your patient retention dramatically.

  • St. Joseph’s Hospital

    Since the implementation of Spectrasoft Scheduling, Saint Joseph’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Program has been able to: (1) Quickly adapt to an electronic scheduling environment; (2) Eliminate scheduling errors; (3)Significantly improve patient satisfaction; (4) Gain greater insight into appointment no-shows and cancellation trends.

  • 10-Step Management Action Plan

    Since 1993, SpectraSoft has worked with thousands of providers from across the country to reduce their no-show rate. Now you can download some of the best information we’ve gathered…FREE.

  • Make Compliance Automatic

    It’s inevitable that audits, denials and underpayments will target a growing number of providers in the future. Your choice: you can hope to dodge the bullets like everyone else, or you can remove the ‘bullseye’ from your organization’s back.